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Check Cancer Now!!! How??? PART 1

The number of breast cancer patients in all around country ranks second only to cervical cancer. Sufferers also have a 18-year-old. Whereas in other countries, Europe or America for example, the number of breast cancer is not so much compared with the number of other types of cancer. Why?

This is because in these countries awareness for early detection are well developed. Most breast cancers found at an early stage, so that can be treated and cured. Are in our country, most cases of cancer found in an advanced stage, when cure is difficult.

In fact, detect early-stage breast cancer is very easy, and can be done alone at home. Quite a few minutes, once a month, to perform breast self-examination (Sana / Sarari).

Indeed, no woman who wants to Realize / Sarari. Because it can be a scary image appeared: "what if I actually found a lump?". Or maybe find "something" that does not understand what it meant.

However, the more often you check your breasts, you will get to know him, and increasingly easy to find something wrong, if any. However Realize / Sarari is an important part of health care, which can protect you from the risk of breast cancer.

Breasts have the parts (environment) that if the tangible feel different. The upper side slightly to the side (near the armpit) tend to feel a big lumpy. Lower breast feels like a bed of sand or gravel. Was below the nipple feels like a bunch of grain large. Sometimes there are also clouds that resembled a bowl. These conditions can be different on each woman.

In the early stages, would be helpful if you create a "map of the breast environment", to compare the tests from month to month.

The important thing is to feel how your own breasts condition. Is there something that feels different than the surrounding environment? For example, in the area "big lump" was a small lump of green beans? Or in the area of "sand" was a "pebble" a rather large? Or is there a change in breast conditions than the previous examination? That all could be detected by examining their own breasts.

Is it hard to Realize / Sarari it? Absolutely not. Should be done a week after menstruation, when the conditions are soft and loose breasts, making it easier to touch. For women who are experiencing menopause may be done at any time, provided routine every month.