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Check Now!!! How??? PART 2

It would be better if prepared a special notebook to record your examination results, as well as conditions and changes in your breasts from time to time. If you need complete with illustrations to clarify the location of abnormalities found.

Complete breast self-examination is divided into several stages:

1. See
Uninstall all upper garments. Stand in front of the mirror with your arms hanging loose, in a bright room. Consider your breasts:

* What is the shape and size of symmetrical right and left?
* What shape enlarged / hardened?
* Does the nipple straight forward? Or change direction?
* Are nipples interested in?
* Does the nipple / skin blisters there?
* Does the skin look red? Blue? Blackish?
* Does his skin was thickened with dilated pores (orange peel)?
* Is the surface smooth skin, does not look any wrinkles / basin?

Repeat all the above observations with position hands straight up. When finished, repeat the observations with both hands at waist, chest dibusungkan, both elbows pulled back. All of these observations aimed to detect tumors located close to the skin.

2. Massage
With both hands, gently massage the breast from the edge to the nipple, for to know the presence or absence of liquid coming out of the nipple (should not exist, unless you're breastfeeding).

3. Felt
Now lie down on the bed to check her breasts one by one. To examine the left breast, place a thin pillow under the left shoulder, left arm is stretched over the side of the head or placed under the head.

Use the fourth finger of his right hand clenched each other to feel the breast. Palpation performed with a circular motion (like making small circles), starting from the edge of the breast to the nipple. After that slide the little finger's position to the next, and do it again from the edge of the circular movements until the nipple breasts. Do keep in sequence until the entire breast examination. To facilitate the movement, you should use a lotion or soap as a lubricant.

When finished with the left breast, move the pillow and arm position, do the examination on the right breast using your left hand fourth finger.

Then repeat palpability as 3 points, but in a standing position. For ease, can be done with a shower, when membalur body with soap.

4. Felt Axilla
After that, around the armpits and the area around the breast to detect lumps a child suspected of cancer spread.

If the breast self-examination you find a defect (eg bumps, no matter how small), immediately consult a physician. Do not be afraid and do not delay. Because breast cancer is found at an early stage and treated properly can recover completely!

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