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Diagnosis of Gastric Cancer by Endoscopic

Early gastric cancer is a malignancy in the gastric mucosa is still localized in the submucosal without notice and are metastatic or not.

Terminology of early gastric cancer is the terminology patalogi anatomik after surgery.

Classification of gastric cancer

1. Early gastric cancer

2. Advanced gastric cancer

Classification of early gastric cancer originated from Japan in various forms.

1. Early gastric cancer type I

When cancer occurs at a mucosal protrusion, for example on the surface of polyps

1. Early gastric cancer type II

Abnormalities in flat mucosa.
1. Type II A = odd little cause
2. Type II B = flat surface
3. type II C = concave surface

2. Early gastric cancer type III

Chromatography of Endoscopy

The definition of chromatography as a diagnostic endoscopy is a technique through endoscopy with intestinal mucosa gives color to give / inject dye, for example blue for gastric metilen current and newly introduced is by a technique of coloring with a special light called NBI (Narrow Band Imaging).

Chromatography pigment

For the diagnosis of gastric cancer used metilen blue. Regional cancer take / smoke color, so that more blue than normal mucosa.


NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) is the technology of capillary blood vessels staining of gastrointestinal mucosa with lighting without the red light rays. With NBI visible blue veins. Be very clearly seen the picture (pattern) capillary and arteriole even venulae. Lighting techniques NBI with cancer losing the image regions of blood vessels, thus biopsy site becomes more focused.