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How to Prevent Cervical Cancer Part 1

"Vagina Ananto Toilet" is the term given to a series of activities in the form of a standard operational procedure for efforts to clean intimate organs in women who have been sexually active. This is a new breakthrough in the efforts of health care intimate female organs.

Vagina toilet can be done by a trained doctor can see the direct benefits when permbersihan efforts. When taught / trained properly, can be done by the woman herself with a profit can be done anywhere and anytime she wants. Working vaginal own toilet termed "Valeri Ananto" or vaginal own toilet Ananto method.

At this time, Valeri Ananto believed to be one of the major mainstay in assisting efforts to prevent cervical cancer in women. And then expected to reduce morbidity and mortality of women due to cervical cancer.

Although a woman in daily life has been able to do their own toilet vagina, it is recommended once a year keeping up the vagina into the toilet-trained doctors to ensure cleanliness and gentlemen do pap-smear examinations.


1. Intimate organ is always clean from dirt and disease.
2. Intimate organ sensitivity will increase.
3. Ph neutral atmosphere causing a moment.
4. Useful help treatment for some cases of the disease

Preparation Self:

1. Not menstruating.
2. Clean fingers.
3. Nails in a short fingers and not sharp.
4. When you are sick, consult a doctor.

to be continued

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