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How to Prevent Cervical Cancer Part 2

Preparation Facility:

1. Bathrooms
2. Clean water (bottled water is recommended)
3. Clean towel

Implementation Techniques:

1. Clean hands with soap.
2. Body position relaxed / relaxed with the following options:
a) Sit relaxed / relaxed in the closet when he would sit like a bowel movement.
b) Standing relaxed / casual with one foot in the closed seat and one foot on the bathroom floor
c) Position relaxed / casual etc as desired.
3. Flushed clean with mayus area labium, labium minus, with clean water flowing (if necessary can use soap)

4. With the index finger and ring finger stretch and open labium minus mayus and vagina goodbye.
5. Cleaning the vagina and flushed with clean water flows (not use soap).
6. Middle finger placed gently in the vagina.
7. We have relaxed vagina, the middle finger very gently inserted into the vagina until the cervix is touched.
8. Perform cleaning by searching the entire cervix and the fornix and the vaginal wall with a circular motion and gently rubbed the middle finger pointing out of the vagina.
9. Without removing the entire middle finger, middle finger rinse dirty and slimy with flowing water (can be assisted with his thumb).
10. When the middle finger is clean, insert into the vagina until it touches the cervix and do the cleaning as ad 8. and 9. And so on.
11. Cleaning is done until no longer have the dirt on all parts of the sex organs or the middle finger has been feeling rough.
12. Remove the middle finger from the vagina with a soft, clean the middle finger, and labium mayus hands with soap and clean water.
After that, dry with a clean towel by pressing and pressing, no-wipe rubbed.


1. Do it whenever and wherever desired.
2. Priority after intercourse.
3. Routinely done after 2-3 days "clean" of menstruation.
4. Minimum of once a week to do a routine when not menstruating.
5. When you find disorder contact your doctor immediately.

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