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Knowing Cervical Cancer PART 3

What should you do to prevent cervical cancer?

The first, if you ever had sexual intercourse you should do a Pap smear test regularly every two years and this is done until you are 70 years old. In some cases doctors may recommend to perform a Pap smear test more often.
The second thing is to report any symptoms such as abnormal bleeding, especially after coitus (intercourse).
The third thing is to not smoke. Statistical data reported that the risk of cervical cancer would be higher if the woman smokes.
By doing some actions that can minimize these risks, we hope the event excluded from this cervical cancer. Hopefully.
Can you imagine, how would you feel if you know the results of 'Pap Smear' you gave abnormal results? Certainly you will feel worried and anxious, when you find that the results of 'Pap Smear' you are abnormal. But do not worry too much before, because not all the appearance of cells that are abnormal means cancer. It 'Pap Smear' can detect abnormalities of cells changes in the cervix at an early stage. Paradigm to remember is the early discovery of abnormalities on examination 'Pap smear', it will be more easily solved problem.

What does it mean if 'Pap Smear' you are abnormal.
Results 'Pap Smear' say if the abnormal cells from your cervix when examined under a microscope will give a different appearance with normal cells. This event usually occurs 1 in 10 tests 'Pap smear'. Several factors can provide indications discovery apparition 'Pap Smear' abnormal is:

# Unsatisfactory 'Pap Smear'
In this case, means that employees in these Lab could not see the cells of your neck with details rahims that fail to make a report to your doctor comprehensive. If this case happened to you should you come back for examination 'Pap smear' in time to be determined by your doctor.

# If there is infection or inflammation
Sometimes the examination 'Pap Smear' gives the appearance of inflammation. This means that the cells in the neck rahims experience a mild irritation in nature. Sometimes inflammation can be detected through a 'Pap smear', even if we do not feel the complaints because terasanya not cause clinical symptoms. Why is mixed. May have occurred due to infection by bacteria, or because the fungus'. Consult with your doctor about this problem and its treatment if necessary. Ask when you have to go through 'Pap Smear' again.

# Minor Atypia or Atypia
The meaning of this situation is if the examination 'Pap Smear' changes detected cells rahims neck, but very minor and the cause is not clear. In this case, usually the result reported as 'atypia'. Usually the appearance changes such cells due to inflammation, but also because it is not rare viral infection. Because to make a definitive diagnosis is not possible at this stage, your doctor may recommend you for another checkup in six months. In general, these cells will return to normal again. Thus, it is very important for you to do 'Pap Smear' again to make sure that the abnormalities that appear on first inspection it is not a serious disorder. If the results produce the same results then you may be advised to undergo colposcopy.