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Pancreatic Cancer

The pancreas was an organ had the shape of the tube that like the coral flower/the sponge approximately 6 inches the length. He was located behind the stomach, after the side. The head of the pancreas was dikanan the stomach. He was connected to the duodenum (the intestines of two defended the finger), the upper part end of the small intestine.

The tip that was narrow from the pancreas, was acknowledged as the aftermath, memanjang to the left part the body. The pancreas made pancreas latexes and hormones, including insulin. Pancreas latexes, also were acknowledged as enzymes, helped digested food in the small intestine. Insulin controlled the amount of sugar in blood.

The two enzymes and hormones were needed to maintain the body worked correctly. When pancreas latexes were made, they flowed in the main channel the pancreas. This channel gathered with the public's bile duct (common bile duct), that connected the pancreas to the heart and the gall-bladder. The public's bile duct (common bile duct), that carried bile (a liquid that helped digested fat), continued to the small intestine close to the side.

Cancer was a group from illnesses. More than 100 types that were different were from cancer known, and several types of cancer could develop in the pancreas. All of them had one matter of the same public: the growth of abnormal and damaging cells the network of the body.
Healthy cells that formed the network of the body grew, took a short cut, and replaced themselves in a method that was arranged. This process maintained the body in a good improvement. Sometimes, although, several cells lost the capacity to control their growth. They grew too fast and without all the rules.

Too many networks were made, and tumours were formed. Tumours could become benign or cruel. Benign tumours were not cancer. They did not spread to other parts the body and was rare a threat in the life. Often, benign tumours could be promoted with the operation, and they were again not possible.

Raging tumours were cancer. They could attack and destroy healthy networks and the close healthy organs. Cancer cells could also break left the tumour and spread to other parts the body. The spreading of cancer was acknowledged as the metastasis. Cancer that began to the pancreas to be acknowledged as pancreas cancer. When pancreas cancer spread, he usually walks embarrassed the system limpatik.

The system limpatik included a network from branching soft channels, like blood vessels, in networks all over the body. Cancer cells were carried through arteries by lymph, a water liquid that was not coloured that carried cells that opposed the infection. For the length of the network of arteries limpatik had groups from the small organs that have the shape of like peanuts that were acknowledged as knots (the nodule) lymph. Surgeons often lifted lymph nodules close to the pancreas to study whether they contained cancer cells.Cancer cells could be also carried through the blood circulation to the heart, the lungs, bones, or the other organs. Pancreas cancer that spread to the other organs was acknowledged as pancreas cancer metastatik.