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Diagnosed Leukemia

If someone had signs that suggested leukemia, the doctor possibly carried out a physical inspection and asked about the medical history personal the patient and the family. The doctor also possibly asked for laboratory tests, especially blood tests.

Inspections and tests possibly including that along with:

# The Inspection Physically — Doctor checked the swelling nodus-nodus lymph, the spleen, and the heart.
# Blood Test - Laboratory checked the level of blood cells. Leukemia caused a very high stage of white blood cells. He also caused the stages that were low from platelets and hemoglobin, that were found in red blood cells. The lab also possibly examined blood for signs that leukemia influenced the heart and the kidneys.
# Biopsy — Doctor lifted some bones marrow from the hip-bone or other big bones. A pathology expert checked the example under a microscope. The appointment of the network to look for cancer cells was acknowledged as a biopsy. A biopsy was the only method that was certain to know whether leukemia cells were in bones marrow. There were the doctor's two methods of could receive bones marrow. Several patients will have both of them the procedure:

* Bone marrow aspiration (Suction of bones marrow): the Doctor used a needle to promote examples of bones marrow.
* Bone marrow biopsy (bone Biopsy): the Doctor used a needle that was very thick to lift a small from bones and bones marrow. The local anesthetic helped made patients more was glad.

# Cytogenetics — Lab saw to chromosomes from cells from examples of peripheral blood, bones marrow, or nodes-nodes lymph.

# Spinal tap — Doctor lifted some of the liquids cerebral (the liquid that filled up spaces in and around the brain and the spinal cord). The doctor used a minute hand that was small to lift the liquid from the column of the backbone (spinal column). The procedure took up time approximately 30 minutes and was carried out with the local anesthetic. The patient must lying during several hours after him to maintain him from receiving the headache. The lab checked the liquid for leukemia cells and other signs from problems.

# Chest x-ray—X-Ray could express signs from the illness on the chest.