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The Symtomps of Leukemia

Signs of Leukemia Like all the blood cells, leukemia cells went all through the body. Depended on the number of abnormal cells and where these cells gathered, patients with leukemia possibly had several signs.

Signs of the public from leukemia:

* Fevers or sweats of night time
* Infections that often
* The weak or tired Feeling
* Had a headache
* The Bleeding and was easy the bruise (bloody gums, purplish signs were to skin, or the red blank that was small supervised skin)
* Pain to bones or pivots
* The Swelling or uncomfortable to the stomach (from an enlargement of the spleen)
* The Swelling nodus-nodus lymph, especially in the neck or the armpit
* Lost the weight

Signs of this kind not signs that were certain from leukemia. An infection or the other problem could also cause these signs.
Anyone must with these signs visit the doctor as immediately as possible. Only a doctor could diagnose and treat his problem. In levels of early of chronic leukemia, leukemia cells functioned almost normally. Signs were possibly invisible for a long time.

Doctors often found chronic leukemia when some checkup the routine — before having any sign. When visible signs, they generally are light at the start and worsen gradually. In acute leukemia, visible signs and worsened quickly. People with this illness went to the doctor because they felt they were sick. Other signs from acute leukemia were to fade, confused, lost the control of the muscle, and attacks (epilepsy).
Leukemia cells could also gather in-testicle (the testicles) and caused the swelling. Also, several patients developed wounds to the spy or to skin. Leukemia could also affect the digestion channel, the kidneys, the lungs, or other part of body.