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Whose risky for Leukemia ??

Not a single knew causes that were exact from leukemia. Rare doctors could explain why someone received this illness and that was other not. Although, the research has showed that people with certain risk factors be more likely to than that was other developed leukemia. A risk factor was any that increased the opportunity someone developed an illness. Studies found risk factors along with for leukemia:

# The very high radiation stages — Person that was flattest in the very high radiation stages was really be more likely to than that was other to develop leukemia. Levels of very high radiation were caused by atom bomb explosions (like that in Japan for the Second World War) and kecelakan-accident the nuclear power building (like the Chernobyl accident during 1986). The medical maintenance that used radiation could become the other source from the explanation of the high-level. Radiation that was used for the diagnosis, although, explained people in levels of far more lower radiation and was not connected in leukemia.

# Worked with chemicals — The exposure in levels that were high from benzene to the workplace could cause leukemia. Benzene was used widely in the chemical industry. Formaldehyde was also used by the chemical industry. Workers that was explained in formaldehyde also possibly was risky leukemia was bigger.

# Chemotherapy — Patient cancer that is treated with medicines against certain cancer sometimes in a step the day developed leukemia. For example, medicines that were known as agencies calculating was connected with the development of leukemia for years after wards.

# Down syndrome and genetic illnesses certain others— Some illnesses that as a result of by abnormal chromosomes possibly increased the risk of leukemia.

* Human T-cell virus-I leukemia (HTLV-I) —Virus this caused a type that was rare from chronic lymphocytic leukemia was known as human T-cell leukemia. Although, invisible leukemia could spread.

* Myelodysplastic syndrome— Person with this blood illness was in the risk that increased developed acute myeloid leukemia. In the past, several studies suggested the explanation in Medan-Medan electromagnet as the other risk factor that possibly for leukemia. Medan-Medan electromagnet was a type from powerful radiation low that came from electricity cables and the electric equipment.

Although, results of studies recently showed that his proof was weak to Medan-Medan electromagnet as a risk factor.