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Types of Leukemia

Types of leukemia desperate into by how fast him the illness developed and worsened. Leukemia was one of that was chronic (worsened slowly) or that was acute (worsened quickly):

* Leukemia Chronic — At early of the illness, abnormal blood cells could be still doing their work, and people with chronic leukemia possibly did not have any sign. Slowly, chronic leukemia worsened. He caused signs when the number of leukemia cells in blood increased.

* Leukemia Acute— Blood cells was very abnormal. They could not do their normal work. The number of abnormal cells increased quickly. Acute leukemia worsened quickly.

Types of leukemia also desperate into by the type of white blood cells that were affected. Leukemia could emerge to cells lymphoid or cells myeloid.

Leukemia that affected cells lymphoid was mentioned lymphocytic leukemia. Leukemia yangmempengaruhi cells myeloid was mentioned myeloid leukemia or myelogenous leukemia. There were four types of the public from leukemia:

* Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (chronic lymphoblastic leukemia, CLL) was responsible to approximately 7.000 new cases from leukemia every year. Most often, people who were diagnosed with the illness were on the age 55 years. He had not almost affected children.

* Chronic myeloid leukemia (chronic myelogenous leukemia, CML) was responsible to approximately 4.400 new cases from leukemia every year. He influenced especially very mature.

* Acute lymphocytic leukemia (acute lymphoblastic leukemia, ALL) was responsible to approximately 3.800 new cases from leukemia every year. This was the type of leukemia that was most general to young children. He also influenced very mature.

* Acute myeloid leukemia (acute myelogenous leukemia, AML) was responsible to approximately 10.600 new cases from leukemia every year. He happened in both of them very mature and children.

Hairy cell leukemia was a type that was rare from chronic leukemia. Article this did not do business with hairy cell leukemia or types that were rare from leukemia. Together, these rare leukemia were responsible to approximately 5.200 new cases from leukemia every year.