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The future for patients Pancreas Cancer Scientists

Hospitals and the medical centers all over the country were studying pancreas cancer. They were trying to study what caused this illness and how prevented him. They were also looking for better methods untu diagnosed and treated him. NCI supported many studies from new maintenance for pancreas cancer. Researchers were investigating new medicines and combination's of medicine, new forms of radiation therapy, biological therapy, and combination's of these maintenance.

Researchers were also studying new methods of giving radiation. For example, they were studying gave radiation therapy twice or more a day, or when the operation (intraoperative radiation), or with medicines that helped protected the normal network so as higher doses could be given. Biological therapy was a new type of the maintenance of cancer that used natural compounds and that was produced the laboratory to stimulate or to restore again the immune system the body so as he could be more effective against the illness. The maintenance of this kind was studied to patients with pancreas cancer that continued or that relapsed again.

When the laboratory research to show that a maintenance method just promised, he was used untk treated cancer patients in the clinical trials. These trials were drafted/was designed to answer scientific questions and to find whether a maintenance just was both of them safe and effective. Patients who took the clinical interior of the trials contributed an important contribution in medicine and possibly had the first opportunity to get the benefit from better maintenance methods/was improved. Someone must with pancreas cancer that was interested taking the interior of a trial discuss this choice with his doctor.