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Treated Leukemia PART 2


Most patients with leukemia accepted chemotherapy. The type of the maintenance of this cancer used medicines to kill leukemia cells. Depended on the type on leukemia, the patient possibly accepted a single medicine or a combination of two or more medicines. People with leukemia possibly accepted chemotherapy in several different methods:

* With the mouth
* With the direct injection into some vena (IV or intravenous)
* Through some "kateter" (a tube lentur that was small) that was placed in some vane big, often in chest the upper part of — Is kateter that remained silent at was useful for patients who needed many intravenous maintenance (IV). Maintenance workers of the health injection medicines inside kateter, compared to directly into some vane. This method avoided the need for many injections, that could cause uncomfortable and injured vane-vane and skin.
* With the injection directly in the liquid cerebra — If a pathology expert found leukemia cells in the liquid that filled up spaces in and around the brain and the spinal cord (spinal cord), the doctor possibly ordered chemotherapy intracellular. The doctor injection medicines directly in the liquid cerebra. This method was used because medicines that were given with the intravenous injection or were consumed through the mouth often did not reach cells on the brain and spinal cord. A network from vane-blood vessels refined blood that went to the brain and spinal cord. The obstacle blood-brain this stopped medicines from the achievement to the brain.

Biological therapy

People with several types from leukemia had biological therapy. The type of this maintenance improved natural defenses of the body towards cancer. Therapy was given with the injection into some vane. For several patients with chronic lymphocyte leukemia, the type of biological therapy that was used was an antibody monoclonal. This compound binding to leukemia cells. This therapy enabled the immune system to kill leukemia cells in blood and bones marrow (bone marrow). For several patients with chronic myeloid leukemia, biological therapy was a natural compound that was mentioned interferon. This compound could slow down the growth from leukemia cells.

Radiation therapy
Radiation therapy (also was mentioned radiotherapy) used rays-powerful high to kill leukemia cells. For most patients, a big machine aimed radiation at the spleen, the brain, or other parts of the body where leukemia cells gathered. Several patients accepted radiation that was aimed all through the body. The illumination or irradiation of all the body is usually given before a transplantation of bones marrow. Patients accepted radiation therapy in a hospital or the clinic.