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Treated Leukemia PART 3

Transplantation of the Stem Cell (Stem cell transplantation)

Several patients with leukemia had transplantation of the parent cell. A transplant of the parent cell permitted a patient to be treated with doses of high medicines, radiation, or both of them. High doses destroyed both of them that is leukemia cells and normal blood cells in bones marrow. After wards, the patient accepted parent cells that were healthy through a tube that flexible that was placed in some vane that was big in the neck or the area of the chest. Blood cells just developed from parent cells that transplanted.

There were several types from transplantation of the parent cell:

* Transplantation of bones Marrow — parent cells (stem cells) came from bones marrow (bone marrow).
* Peripheral stem cell transplantation—cell the mother (stem cells) came from blood peripheral.
* Umbilical cord blood transplantation—For a child by not having the donor, the doctor possibly used parent cells from blood of the navel rope (umbilical cord blood). Blood of the navel rope was from person the baby who just was born. Sometimes blood of the navel rope is frozen for the use in later the day.

Parent cells (stem cells) possibly came from the patient or from a donor:

# Autologous stem cell transplantation—Tipe of transplant used parent cells of the patient personally. Parent cells were taken from the patient, and cells possibly was treated to eradicate any leukemia cell that was present. Parent cells were frozen and kept. After the patient accepted high dose chemotherapy or radiation therapy, parent cells that were kept were diluted and returned to the patient.
# Allogeneic stem cell transplantation—Tipe of transplant used parent cells that were healthy from a donor. Relatives men, the sister, or parents of the patient possibly were his donor. Sometimes parent cells come from a donor who was not related. Doctors used blood tests to confirm donor cells agreed with the patient's cells.
# Syngeneic stem cell transplantation—Tipe of transplant used parent cells from twins identis the healthy patient. After a transplant of the parent cell, patients usually remain silent dirumah was sick during several weeks. The team of the maintenance of the health protected patients from the infection to parent cells that transplanted began to produce enough white blood cells.